India-controlled Jammu and Kashmir has been covered in a tight security sheet for five days. The whole region is virtually inaccessible. The shops are closed, there is no way for ordinary people to travel from one place to another. In the midst of such a situation, Kashmiris have to pray Friday prayers.

Zuma prayers offered in Kashmir when blocked 1According to the BBC report, the main mosque in which to pray in the Kashmiri Jummah prayers, which the ordinary people could not pray at that Jama Masjid in Srinagar. They had to offer Zuma prayers in the local mosques. Police did not allow prayers at the Srinagar Jama Masjid to fear that the situation could lead to an unexpected situation if more people gathered together.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, however, has promised that people of Muslim-dominated Kashmir will be able to celebrate the holy Eid-ul-Azha next Sunday. But there was no indication as to whether Eid prayers should be allowed in the Srinagar Jama Masjid.

After the repeal of Article 5 of the Indian Constitution, the situation has been waning in Kashmir since last Monday. Roads are completely under the control of the army. Five days after today, mobile and Internet services have been partially opened from Friday. Citizens of other states living in other parts of the country were unable to contact their families for some days because of communication.

The educated and young community of Kashmir is sharply criticizing the Modi government for blocking Kashmir in this way. Ali Saifuddin, a young man, told the BBC, “We have been pushed back to the dark ages of the Middle Ages.” That is exactly what is being done to us, as in the Middle Ages, when the people blocked the city until the people accepted it. We are being treated brutally. It is a show of ultimate control over the people. ”Zuma prayers offered in Kashmir when blocked 2

Arif Akharun, another youth, said, “If the people of Kashmir accept this decision, the government would not have to deploy so many troops, we would not have to control the movement.” Look at our lives, we are living like a passenger. The government has stopped everything. In the modern era, this may not be a typical living pattern. If they want to unite us with India, we have to win our hearts. As a Kashmiri, if I willingly raise the flag of India, that would be a true unification. But now only our land is being forcibly occupied, nothing more. ‘

Another young man, Syed Yawar Abbas, said: ‘We are disappointed. On the day when the opportunity comes before the people, this outrage will surely erupt. ‘

Abdul Khalik Nazar, a senior resident of Baramulla area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir, told the BBC, “India could have taken it after Independence Day (August 7) ​​if the decision was made. In front of our Eid. Our lives are being damaged. We are not at peace. No one expected such a decision. ‘

The Narendra Modi government on Monday canceled the five-year special status of Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir. Article 4 of the Constitution was repealed by the President’s order. At the same time, the state of Jammu and Kashmir has been divided into two parts. Ladakh has been created out of state with a new union territory, which will have no legislative assembly. The status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir as a whole has also been taken away.

The Indian government has come to the conclusion that India-Pakistan diplomacy has also come under fire. Pakistan expels Indian High Commissioner appointed, Pakistan withdraws its High Commissioner to New Delhi Imran Khan’s government has also announced to suspend all kinds of bilateral trade with India. The country has also announced the closure of rail links with India.


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