Popmart Michael Jackson died 10 years ago There is still no end to the curiosity of countless people around the world. Why is Michael Jackson unique? Because he is unique in the song world. 

Why is Michael Jackson unique? 1st 1Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009. He was 50 years old. If he survived this year he would have reached 61 years of age. Life gave him the richness Aishwarya Got 15 Grammy Awards Millions of cassettes and CDs have been sold. Michael Jackson was not just a singing star; He was a lyricist, dancer and actor. Most importantly, he changed the music world.

Michael Jackson stood against racialism His ‘Billy Jin’ in 1982, then the ‘Thriller’ took him to an altitude, everyone knows that. It’s useless to say it again. Just to say, the music video should look like, the thriller showed it in the hand and in the hand. The 14-minute video was spent creating five million dollars Jackson’s ‘Moanewak’ must be remembered by many. And yes, his concerts were to be seen. On one side Jackson singing songs, on the other hand, the audience-audience is becoming crazy. They are behaving like mad. Some people are becoming senseless in excitement!

Nah! Michael Jackson was a matter! Let’s talk about two things about his concert. Michael Jackson will also have to remember the huge concert around the world. In 1992 the ‘The Denver’s World Tour’ lasted five months. During this time, Jackson had 60 concerts.

Why is Michael Jackson unique? 1st 2There was a thought like that on Jackson’s head before he died. Wondered, the concert will go out again on the world tour. Five million dollars from the first 10 concerts will earn But that did not happen anymore. Before that, he said life was farewell.

This pop star has been dirty in a documentary after 10 years of death. The documentary ‘Living Neverland’ is based on allegations of child repression against him. Jackson’s caretakers believe that HBO has brought an event back to a long time before it can be blamed for its reputation.

The film opened on January 25 at the Sundance Film Festival. It is said that Michael Jackson was sexually abused by two children between 7 and 10 years. They are now thirteen young people Wade Robson is a choreographer and James Sefcik is a TV actor. The documentary is based on their commentary.

In 2003, Michael Jackson was accused of sexual assault. That year, the police searched their colonies in California, ‘Neverland’. The documentary was named after the farmhouse. Jackson’s caretakers are demanding, Wade Robson and James Sefcik are given importance in the documentary, Jackson’s closest companions are ignored there. The documentary is one-sided. Jackson never behaved badly with children.

Why is Michael Jackson unique? 1st 3Since the documentary was broadcast on television, Jackson’s songs were sold online and sounded down. Almost 4 per cent of the album sold. Their online audio-video demand decreased by almost 5 per cent. Even his songs on the radio decreased by 13 per cent.

The farmhouse, which is being sold on several occasions, will not be sold at the cost of Michael Jackson. In 2015, the price of the Neverland Ranch for the sale was 10 million dollars But the response was not found. After the price was reduced to 6.77 million dollars, then only 3 million and 10 million dollars it was advertised in the advertisement. Not only that, the name of the Neverland has been changed to its name, the Valley Ranch of Bikroy.com. The two buildings owned by The Santa Barbara and the California House are jointly owned by the farmhouse.

Prior to the death of Jackson, a lot of additions were made to the farmland of 2,700 acres. There are railway lines, fire-fighting centres, broad gardens, and more. In 1982, the architectural design of this large garden was designed by Robert Althetters. In 1989, Jackson bought it in 19.5 million dollars. He changed his design according to himself. The main building has six rooms, nine bathrooms, a master bedroom, two master toilets and a library. There is a big theatre hall in addition to the playground, swimming pool and swimming pool. Source: Hollywood Reporter, People, Forbes, BBC

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