Woman Pilot Miyamani?

The story of Saudi's first commercial woman pilot Miyamani 1

Saudi Arabia went one step further through the change. As a part of increasing women’s job opportunities in the workplace, a woman was recognized as the first woman pilot of commercial aircraft in the country.

His name is Yasmin Al Miyani. After six years of flying license, Miyani got permission to make commercial flights.

Yasmin Al-Miyaniani, a flight from Nessema Airlines to Saudi Arabia’s Al Qasim area. This is the 9th June incident. On that day, he operated commercial flights as the first woman in Saudi history. On that day, Miyani took passengers on the plane from Qasim area to the Tubak area. Yasmin Al Miyamani returned from there again. And on this day, after receiving this historic achievement, Yashmin has expressed his happiness in an Instagram post. Posting a picture sitting on an aircraft cockpit, he wrote, “Thanks to Allah, I have fulfilled my dream today.” He posted in the aeroplane cockpit, flying photographs and video Instagram.

After qualifying from Jordan as a pilot, the 29-year-old Yasmin Al-Miyaniani set the record for flying 300 hours in the United States.

The story of Saudi's first commercial woman pilot Miyamani 2

Yasmin was appointed as the first officer of Nessma Airlines. The airline operates flights in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Every woman in Saudi will dream of seeing me as a pilot – that’s my goal. “Yasmin Al Miyani, who was part of history said He said, I do not want that in this case, I am the first person in the country.

Yasmin took training in the pilot in Jordan and United Arab Emirates in 2013. Then the license to match. But to get the job is to burn quite a bit of rumour that the miamanyi Because the country’s workspaces are historically male-dominated. And for the sake of the plane, it’s a lot.

The story of Saudi's first commercial woman pilot Miyamani 3Nasema Airlines recruits Yasmin and Myamani as a pilot in February this year. It is only after four months that Mahindrakan comes. He got permission to fly as a commercial pilot.

Miyani said, “I am so impressed with how other co-workers of the aircraft helped me. Their behaviour was like my own brother. ‘

References: Daily Al Arabiya and The National

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