Islamabad has announced the closure of the express train agreement between Pakistan and India. The Railway Minister of Pakistan told a press conference that the train would stop.

On Thursday, an Indian-bound train from Pakistan was stuck for three hours at the border of ‘Samjhuta Express’. The train stops when it reaches the Wagah border.

Pakistan announces the termination of rail links with India

Pakistan announces the termination of rail links with India 1

The NDTV report said that the ‘Compromise Express’ from Lahore, Pakistan, with passengers, reached the Wagah border around 1am on Thursday. The Islamabad Railway Authority announced that the train would stop. Pakistan’s train driver and allies refused to board the train. They demanded that Indians should come and cross the border by train in Indian territory. The Indian team took control of the train movement after the train was stuck for three hours at the border. Then the train started on its way to Atari.

Pakistan Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed said at a news conference today, “We have decided to shut down the Expressway Express.” The train could no longer operate in the state of Kashmir Niwas.

Meanwhile, at least 300 people have been detained from Kashmir for protesting against the loss of special status in Kashmir. Among the detainees are politicians, organizers, business leaders and professors.

On August 5, the ‘special status’ of Kashmir was abolished by abolishing Article 5 of the Indian Constitution. Indian-controlled Kashmir is divided into two parts and Kashmir is subjected to central government rule. Since then tensions have spread across Kashmir.


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