There has been increasing concern in the northeastern states of the country since the central government of India lifted Article 5 of the constitution. They are worried about Article 5 of the Constitution. Article 5 of the Constitution gives Jammu and Kashmir the status of a special autonomous state. That paragraph states that if any law other than defense, foreign policy, communication, and other laws are to be applied in the State, the Indian Parliament must do so by establishing a consensus with the State Government.

Several states have been given special protection in different paragraphs of Article 6 of the Constitution. According to the central government’s announcement on August 5, these states are likely to lose that special protection.

Last Monday, former Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanwala referred to the incident in Jammu and Kashmir as a ‘red alert’ for the northeastern states.

The state of Nagaland is most worried about the fate of Jammu and Kashmir. Recognizing the concerns there, RN Robbie, the newly appointed governor of the state, made a statement last Sunday. He refuses to worry about it. He said that the sections for Nagaland in paragraph 1 (a) are protected by sacred commitment.

The provisions contained in that paragraph, in most of the northeastern region, speak of protecting tribal communities and their culture. It has decentralized administration and a certain level of administrative autonomy in those states. In addition, local laws have the advantage of settling cases. Some of these laws prohibit the transfer of land to a non-state citizen. These rules are applicable in Mizoram, Nagaland and parts of Assam, Manipur and Meghalaya.

Nagaland Nationalist Group is currently negotiating with the Center for more autonomy. They have already signed a ceasefire and are on their way to peace talks. The group has long fought for Nagaland’s independence from wealth.

Nina Student Federation employee Ninto Aomie said every Naga resident is worried now. Nagas have a unique political history. Now something better than paragraph (a) is being discussed. Now, in the middle of the discussion, if the government decides to pass Article 5 (a), it will be a matter of short-sightedness.

P Chuba Azukum, president of Naga Hoho, a tribal community organization in Nagaland, said the increase in the number of BJP in parliament has increased the fear of people. Because of their high numbers, they can do whatever they want. The passage of Article A (A) could lead to a serious situation in Nagaland. This will create a bad situation for the people of Nagaland as well as the Indian government.

Opposition political parties have also expressed concern over the removal of Article A (A) and recent BJP activities. Leader of the state’s main opposition Naga People’s Front, Achumbemo Kikon, said, “We are concerned about the way the government controls Kashmir, without taking into account people’s confidence.” They will not hesitate to contribute to the provisions of Nagaland. ”Source: Scroll Dot in.


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