Miriam Nawaz, daughter of former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, has been arrested. On Thursday, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) of the country also arrested Maryam, her cousin Yusuf Abbas, along with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Former prime minister and leader of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Nawaz), Nawaz has been jailed for seven years for corruption. Maryam Nawaz is the vice-president of the party. The party alleges that Mary was arrested without an arrest warrant. An arrest warrant was shown after he was taken into custody by the NAB.

Pakistani media reported online that the duo were arrested for allegedly associating Maryam and Joseph with money laundering at the Sugar Mill. Miriam was returning to see her Nawaz Sharif, a prisoner in Lahore. Mary is a partner (shareholder) of that sugar mill.

The NAB confirmed the arrest of Maryam and Joseph, saying that the two were kept at the agency’s central office. They will be produced in Lahore court tomorrow on Friday seeking remand for questioning. Earlier on July 5, NAB recorded Maryam’s statement regarding Chowdhury Sugar Mill.

PML-Nawaz’s head and Miriam’s uncle Shahbaz Sharif said in a statement that the arrest of Maryam was a wrong move by the government. It is very blasphemous, sad and shameful. What message does the government want to convey through such arrests before Eid? People will respond appropriately.

Her supporters protested in front of the country’s National Assembly to protest Mary’s arrest. There were MPs like Miriam Aurangzeb and Ahsan Iqbal.

The NAB has been investigating the allegation of smuggling money related to Chowdhury Sugar Mill since October 27. Nawaz Sharif, daughter Maryam Nawaz, brother Shahbaz Sharif are some of the UK’s partners as partners in the mill.

The leaked information in the Panama Papers revealed that Nawaz Sharif and his family had smuggled huge amounts of Pakistani rupees into the name of this sugar mill. After a court order in this case, he had to step down as prime minister.

On December 25, Nawaz was sentenced to seven years in a corruption case. He is suffering the penalty.


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