John is leaving Apple
John is leaving Apple? is that true?

Over the last two decades, American technology company Apple has left Apple’s main design, known as John Ivy. She will release Apple at the end of this year to launch her own design company. Ivy, who stood as a symbol of the culture created by Apple founder Steve Jobs.

After setting up his own organization, Apple will serve as its customer base. The information was provided in a report in the Washington Post.

Apple Iconic device from an iPod to the role of the design of Johnny Iv. Apple announces the release of John Iv Apple on Thursday He said he would leave Apple later this year to work independently. Since 1998, IMAX has worked as part of Apple’s design team.

What did he say? (John is leaving Apple )

Loop Venture analyst Jean Munster said that Apple’s departure from Apple will not have a big impact on the company. Apple slowed down his role gradually. He did not have much responsibility. This is an example of Apple’s management change. They have done it for a long time.

John is leaving Apple

I’ve already stepped down from Apple’s main design. In 2015, he was involved in developing new campuses in Apple Corporation. After that work, he returned to the Industrial Design team in 2017. Since then, many of the team left the renowned designer Apple.


Steve Jobs joined Apple’s success after returning to Apple in 1997. Apple’s sinking into one of the IMAX market comes in the midst of the competition. He had a big role in this.

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