In the last few days, Google searches in India have printed everything in Kashmir. More clearly, the Kashmiri girl. The word ‘Kashmiri Girl’ is the most searched Google search in India. It was then that ‘Mary Kashmiri Girl’ was searched.

The search for ‘Kashmiri Girl’ and ‘Mary Kashmiri Girl’ started on Google after the BJP leader called for a marriage of Kashmiri girl in celebration of the cancellation of special status in Kashmir.

According to Google Trends, in the last 24 hours, ‘Kashmiri Girls’ is the highest percentage of literate people in Kerala. Jharkhand is in the second position. Then there is Himachal Pradesh. West Bengal is at number 5 on that list. Searches for ‘Mary Kashmiri Girl’ and ‘Kashmiri Girl’ soared last Tuesday. It turns out, Delhi was at the top of the search for ‘Mary Kashmiri Girl’. Subsequently, it is followed by Maharashtra and Karnataka. People in these two states are looking for a wedding dress for Kashmiri girls. The most searched ‘Buy Land in Kashmir’ has come from Jharkhand, expressing interest in buying land in Kashmir. Next up is Delhi and Haryana. Haryana has been the most searched in How to Buy Land in Kashmir for how to buy land in Kashmir. Followed by Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. However, most people in Delhi are more interested in buying land in Ladakh.Google trend changes after BJP leader calls for marriage to Kashmiri girl 1

BJP MLA from Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, on Tuesday, celebrated the withdrawal of special status in Kashmir, urging the marriage of a Kashmiri girl. “This time, our party workers can marry beautiful Kashmiri women. There was no interruption. Those who are single can now marry in Kashmir. No more problems now. If any Kashmir girl marries a boy from Uttar Pradesh, her citizenship would be terminated. Citizenship of India and Kashmir was different. And Muslim men here too should rejoice. Get married here. He is a Hindu or a Muslim. The whole country should rejoice over this. ”

In fact, there has never been a day when Kashmiri girls are not allowed to marry in a foreign state. Girls of special status, Jammu and Kashmir, could marry outside their state. But in that case, after marriage, they were deprived of any property rights in the father’s house. When Jammu and Kashmir becomes a union territory, it is closed due to deprivation. Although married outside of their own state, the Kashmiri girls will inherit the inheritance of their father.Google trend changes after BJP leader calls for marriage to Kashmiri girl 2

But many Indians call Google the current trend of search in India practically ‘abusive’. It is a matter of finding land and girls in Solaib Kashmir through social media. Many people say that those who do this kind of Google search with a smartphone in their hands are actually wolves wearing deerskin. Source: India Times and News Etienne

It was only after Vikram Saini’s speech that a ‘disease’ spread across India. Plans to marry Kashmiri girls, honeymoon and video on the social media wall. Netizens tweeted that they were ready to marry Kashmiri girls.


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