Facebook fined ?

Facebook fined? German authorities have fined 23 million US dollars for violating German hate speech law.  (Facebook fined ?) Even after complaining against illegal content, it has been fined by not removing social media. Facebook fined?

Facebook fined?

Facebook fined? In a statement, the Federal Federal Office of Justice in Germany said that in the first six months of last year, the Transparency Report published on Facebook was said to remove only a small portion of the content of the complaint. From this, people have to go through extensive illegal content on Facebook and how Facebook behaves with them.

German authorities say that the report published by Facebook is incomplete. There is no detail about how illegal content charges are considered. In addition to the complaint, the respondents did not give accurate information to the Facebook authorities.

According to the German Network Enforcement Act, social media such as Facebook will have to report their activity to prevent illegal content every six months.

Facebook has the opportunity to appeal against the fine. They did not open their mouth about the fine.

Facebook earns a little over the fine from the advertisements every year. In the three months of January-March, Facebook made 15.08 billion US dollars from advertising.
However, the penalties prove that the regulators are aware of ongoing privacy, security and information leak scam surrounding Facebook.

US Federal Trade Commission can pay a huge fine of $ 500 million against Facebook. It can be the biggest fictitious record on any technology company to solve the privacy problem.

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