Australia vs Bangladesh world cup 2019


Bangladesh did not give up even for a moment after chasing huge targets for winning with Australia. ( Australia vs Bangladesh world cup 2019 ) Former Australian cricketer Mike Hussey praised the fierce mentality of Bangladesh.

21 June 2019

Tomorrow’s day was cursed for the bowlers of Bangladesh. Warner-Khawaja appeared as Rudra’s statue, as the bowlers’ twin appeared. Bangladesh has not been able to get damaged in the runner-up Bangladesh got a huge target of 382 runs. The batsmen struggled to cheat the target. Bangladesh can be at the top of the ranking- Australia vs Bangladesh world cup 2019 1It was not possible to get rid of the runs of Australia’s run with all its potential. However, Bangladesh has got praise from former Australian cricketer Mike Hussey, due to the battle of batting in batting. If you play this way, it will not be difficult for Bangladesh to build their position as the world’s superpower in the coming days. It seems that for Australia, there is an almost five-and-a-half-century smile in Australia.

While praising Bangladesh’s efforts against Australia in ‘Match Day’ match at the venue of the ESPNcricinfo website, Hasee said,

“Australia has won, but it has won many victories in the fight. I want Bangladesh to greet “hat-open”

for the fierce fighting that Bangladesh has shown in pursuit of a great goal. They never leave, they have fought till the end. ‘

Bangladesh can be at the top of the ranking- Australia vs Bangladesh world cup 2019 2The batsman, who also won the World Cup for Australia, said, “The improvement in batting in Bangladesh is visible in the eyes. They are in parallel with Australia in terms of batting. ”

Bangladesh has lost control of the match because of poor bowling, which also has laughs, “The difference between the two teams has been their bowling.” What will happen when Bangladesh will reign in world cricket in the coming days, he also said, “They have to work with bowling. If they can bring in a couple of mystery spinners and a pace pacer, it will not be very difficult for Bangladesh to get to the top of the rankings. ”

Although the path is not organic, Bangladesh still remains in the semifinal equation. Bangladesh will play against Afghanistan in the next match at Southampton. There is no alternative to winning the match in Mashrafe.

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